Iron Water

Iron Water Treatment Services in Allegheny County, NY

RUSTY WATER?….battling stubborn stains?  Whose got time to scrub?  Did your beautician tell you she can’t get the iron out of your hair? How many whites have been ruined in the laundry?

What Is Iron Water?

It’s a dissolved metal that reacts with oxygen to make what is called ferric hydroxide.  This residue bonds to hair follicles, white shirts, bathtubs, showers – everything in its path. 

What Does Heat Do? 

Remember they taught us in school that heat accelerates chemical reactions?  Well, see the staining? Imagine how fast it’s building up inside your water heater- robbing it’s efficiency

The Remedy? 

The dynamics of water chemistry dictate the application. This is where you want someone with a strong background in Chemistry & with in-the-field experience.  Southern Tier Water does not send a commissioned sales person to your door.