Hard Water

hard water calcium deposit and corrosion on chrome shower tap

Do you find yourself enduring an unending battle trying to keep your home looking clean? Do you dislike the  the sight of dingy whites? Does the ever-present scum in the bathtub leave you scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing? Does your skin always feel dry & your hair unmanageable?  Are you tired of seeing the ugly white scale building up all over your fixtures?  Do you have time for whipping all the water spots that never stop appearing?  These are just some of the manifold problems of hard water.

What Makes Soap Scum?

A laymen would tell you it’s “lime”; a chemist would tell you it’s CaCO3- calcium carbonate.  It’s not the bio available organic calcium your body favors. (That is calcium cirtrate- from milk, plants & animals.). You want calcium citrate in your food but you don’t want dissolved rocks in your utility water.  The hardness ions of hard water don’t let soap dissolve: rather, it makes a soap scum that plugs the pores of your Sebatious Glands in your skin, resulting in dry skin.

The Remedy?

A water softener, yes. But not any softener.  You want the softener that is best for your family’s water needs & water chemistry.  We are professional water treatment experts with 35 years water treatment experience & 6 semesters of Chemistry.  We would test your water, discuss your family’s needs &make  our professional recommendations.